Dedicated to Serving as a Reliable Life Coach

L.A. Reding

L.A. has been striding down a path of leadership all her life.

Her career has spanned 40 years of service in the field of human relations. Currently L.A. – Reding, M.Ed., MCC, CNTC – is working with leaders who want to own their own power and unique style.

L.A. is an unconventional woman with a fresh take on the challenges of leadership. She admits to being an intuitive introvert who works from the inside out.

She is a champion for you to be your best and to go where you haven’t gone before, and takes risks while being light, caring – and pushing you where you have stated you want to go. 

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Vision & Mission

Whether you’re a client, friend, co-worker, family, or companion, L.A. projects a stately presence that creates safety and trust.


L.A.’s deep passion is for people to embody their own unique mastery, so that it shows up throughout the facets of their lives in fascinating ways.


Through and through, L.A. is a minimalist. Her best work is both simple and profound.


L.A. lives her life – all aspects of it – centered on conscious living. She chooses fun, fresh, and positive energy to guide her choices in life. Her life is dedicated to helping others find meaning, purpose, and joy in their own journeys.