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A Coaching Skills Series Program
for Leaders and Managers


Leader As Coach is a highly interactive "virtual" program that supports participants in integrating key coaching skills into their leadership style. This program is unique in its design, as it is highly customizable and can be delivered at an individual, team and or organizational level. The program is designed to ensure that participants obtain an in-depth understanding of the 'coach approach' to leadership, managing and/or selling.


Leader as Coach Participants will be able to integrate skills/competencies that are required to effectively drive results by mastering:

  • Your ability to influence others
  • Creating a mind set for success
  • Engaging others and ability to have a meaningful conversation
  • How to build rapport, trust and mutual respect with individuals, teams or groups
  • Their ability to drive results and hold accountabilities
  • Serve as a leader and communicate a vision in a compelling way
  • Support others in being effective and inflicting the best in them
  • Be respectful and honor people's uniqueness as well as your own
  • Interrupting the limiting stories that limit success


The program is made up of 15 core modules and is approved as an ACSTH program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and 37.5 hours of training can be applied to a portfolio route credential.


Leader as Coach is designed for individuals who...

  • Want to deepen their understanding of human behavior
  • Are committed to converting the "potential" of people into reality and results;
  • Want to create an environment of high positivity, productivity, accountability and resilience;
  • Want more time for strategic thinking, visioning and planning with less time/focus on 'fire-fighting'
  • Want to benefit from the 'coach approach' to leadership, but who don't want to necessarily go through an entire coaching program to do it


5 month Program-Cost: $2500.00 + HST (Special rate of $1900.00 for our selected group) Contact me for dates »


Interactive with demonstrations, participant practices, and fieldwork. Each module will present a core skill or tool, feature a demonstration and/or practice time for participants, and fieldwork so they can immediately apply what they have learned.


Outline of modules:

  • Core Skills: Curiosity & Powerful Questions - foundational skills that create positive relationships and set the coachee up for success
  • Core Skills: Focus of Attention/Listening -- foundational skills that create positive relationships and set the coachee up for success
  • 4-Step Process: a road map for any coaching conversation
  • The Leader's Perspective & Designing Alliances: learning to have the responsibility for problem-solving stay with the coachee
  • Working with Agendas & Intrinsic Motivators: uncovering and using the power of personal motivators
  • Core Skills: Requests, Challenges, & Accountability - tools to keep the action and the progress moving forward
  • Working with the Critic/Saboteur: tools for handling barriers (internal and external)
  • Working with the Champion: tool for leveraging the best in the coachee
  • Vision & Compelling Future: tools that pull (rather than push) the coachee towards success
  • Core Skill: Acknowledgment (seeing and speaking the core strengths of the people you are working with) — one of the most powerful, loyalty building tools we know.